Macro Filtering

Macros Explained:

What is a Macro?
Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as other types of documents contain embedded code written in a programming language known as Visual Basic for Applications, or “VBA”.
However, malicious people can create harmful macros from VBA code as well. They could then embed these macros in Office documents and distribute the harmful macros online.

Why is this important?
Once a file containing a harmful macro is opened, the virus can infect the system. When triggered, the macro will embed itself in other documents and templates. The harmful macro may also corrupt other parts of the system as well. When the infected documents are shared with other users and systems, the virus spreads quickly. Macro viruses have been used as a method of installing software on a system without the user's consent, as they can be used to download and install software from the internet through the use of automated key-presses.

What we do to help:
We provide email filtering for all the email accounts that we manage. By default, all Office macros are blocked to prevent any risk of corruption.

Your Options:
Of course, you have two options you can take.
            1) Continue to rely on our filter and make requests should any false-positives occur.
            2) Request to have macro filtering turned OFF for your domain. See disclaimer below.
We strongly recommend not disabling macro filtering.
Any issues that may occur due to the disabling of macro filtering will be the sole responsibility of the client. 

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