Sending an Email

This guide will show you how to send an email in our Smartermail system.

First, after logging in, mouse over the create new message tab and select "Message":


A popup should appear that will look like the image below:
If you're unfamiliar with any of the options on the new message popup, here is a quick guide:
Save as Draft: This message will save the message and add it to your Draft folder.
Attach Files: This is where you will select files to add to your message.
Flags: This drop down menu will allow you to set a message priority, mark the message for followup, or set it to request a read receipt.
Signature Menu: This menu is where you can change your signature to either your companies set default, or your own personal signature.
And of course, the format bar will allow you to change things such as font type, size, and color. 
Once you're done preparing your message, hit the Send button and it will be on its way!
If you would like to review the message after its been sent, go to your Sent folder back on the homepage.

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