Creating And Sharing New Calendars

This guide will instruct email administrators to create and share custom calendars:
Email administrators will be responsible for creating and sharing new calendars beyond the default calendar.
First you will need to login and go to the "Settings" tab, and under the "Domain Settings: section, select the "Shared Resources" option.
From here select the "New: button:
This will show a new popup that will require you to provide a new name for this calendar.
Once done, click the "Save" button:
This popup will allow you to grant permissions on who can view the calendar and what they can do.
Once finished, click the "Save" button:
Now, the user(s) given permission must login and Under the "Calendar" tab they must open the "Sharing" section and then "Map Calendar"
The user can assign the calendar a "Friendly Name" that only they will see. Here they will need to select the new calendar and click the "Attach" button:
Under the "Calendars" tab, the user will now be able to see this calendar in their calendar list.
Depending on their permission level, they will be able to make changes, or just view the new calendar: