Internet Explorer and QuickBooks issues.

Recently, some issues have arisen with Internet Explorer not correctly displaying QuickBooks web pages. QuickBooks support has confirmed that they will no longer fix issues that arise with Internet Explorer. Please see this article for a list of browsers that QuickBooks supports.
For this, and several other reasons, IDMI recommends to use browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on Windows or Safari on MacOS devices.

 Some other reasons to move away from Internet Explorer include:

  1. Security Flaws: Internet Explorer has been compromised several times in the past decade. In some cases this has been bad enough that the Federal Government put out warnings against using it (
  2. Displays web pages incorrectly: As web design experts, we can say from experience that Internet Explorer regularly displays web pages incorrectly. Alongside this, it is slower to display web pages than every other major browser.
  3. No Longer Fully Supported: While Microsoft still releases updates for version 11 of Internet Explorer, any previous versions stopped seeing any updates in 2016. Even with version 11 still supported, Microsoft will always recommend their new browser Microsoft Edge.