Introducing Android Pie

Introducing Android Pie

Over the last several years, mobile technology has developed by leaps and bounds. Today, our phones have incredible computing power and allow us to access a world of information, communication and services from anywhere with the touch of a button. As mobile users rely on their phones more and more, mobile operating systems are constantly updating their services to enhance the user experience and mobile capacity. Released on August 6, 2018, Android’s latest version of its operating system offers a long list of new features and functions for users.

Android Pie Updates

Android Pie, the ninth version of the Android operating system, offers several benefits over previous versions. The biggest changes to the user experience include increased AI integration, intuitive controls, more information about app usage and several security updates to protect data and prevent viruses.

  • Control over notifications: People who use their phones for a wide variety of things often find that they are constantly receiving notifications from numerous applications. Android Pie allows users to shut off notifications from certain apps so that they can minimize unnecessary notifications. 
  • Time management: As phones have risen in popularity, people have become more conscious of the way they use their time on various applications. Android Pie allows users to easily view how much time they spend on various apps and even allows them to set time limits on specific apps if they want to cut down their use.
  • AI functionality: Using integrated artificial intelligence, Android Pie can progressively adapt to user preferences and activity to create a customized experience. The system monitors app usage and identifies apps that don’t get much use so that it can prevent unnecessary battery drain. Android Pie devices can also automatically calibrate brightness levels based on user preferences.
  • App actions: When you search for apps, Android Pie will automatically provide you with options based on your most popular actions. If you navigate to a messaging app, for example, Android Pie will automatically allow you to select a message thread with your most popular contacts. The more you use your device, the more accurate these suggestions will be.
  • Increased security: One of the most popular new security features of Android Pie is the new biometric authentication prompt, which scans your fingerprint to give you access to your device. Android Pie also helps protect user information by shutting off an application’s access to your microphone, camera or sensors when it isn’t in use.

Regardless of whether you are an Android user or not, the new features released in the latest version of Android are important for the progression of mobile technology. You can check out the Android website to learn more about some of the latest Android Pie features and functionalities.