Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection

Firefox now available with enhanced tracking protection

Firefox Now Available with Enhanced Tracking Protection

Mozilla released the latest edition of Firefox in July 2019 with updates geared towards protecting user privacy. New features like Enhanced Tracking Protection and password management, and updates to their Facebook Container, set Firefox apart as a privacy-focused browser.

Below are some of the top updates from Firefox’s latest release.

Stop sites from tracking you with Enhanced Tracking Protection setting

Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection is designed to block known third-party tracking cookies from following you around the Internet. Firefox pulls its list of “known” cookies from Disconnect, an Internet privacy organization.

Tracking does not disrupt the user experience and is virtually invisible to users. When in effect, users see a shield icon in the address bar and an “i” icon, meaning the Enhanced Tracking Protection is working.

Clicking on the shield icon takes users to the Privacy & Security settings, where they can see the companies listed as third-party trackers that Firefox is blocking. Users have the option to disable blocking for certain sites, or turn off the feature completely.

Enhanced Tracking Protection is the default setting for the latest Firefox browser. Users who already have Firefox can enable the setting now under Content Blocking, or wait for a future update when the setting will be enabled by default.

Latest version of Facebook Container blocks tracking from other sites

Firefox’s Facebook Container extension prevents Facebook from tracking users across the web as they visit other sites. The latest update prevents Facebook from tracking users on sites that have embedded Facebook capabilities, like the Like and Share buttons.

If you’re reading an article in the Firefox browser, the Facebook Container will disable the Like and Share functionality from the page and remove all connections to Facebook’s servers. Users will know it’s working when they spot a purple fence icon next to any Facebook buttons. With the container, Facebook will no longer be able to track your visits to these sites. This makes it more difficult for Facebook to build shadow profiles of non-Facebook users.

Users must opt-in to add the Facebook Container extension to their browser.

Firefox Lockwise password manager

Firefox Lockwise is a desktop extension for managing passwords. Lockwise builds on the previously released Firefox Lockbox, an iOS app for password management. All Mozilla password management products are now under the Lockwise product suite. Lockwise is available on iOS, Android and as a Firefox add-on for desktop.

With Lockwise, users can store, edit and remove passwords. Users can easily see which sites are in their Lockwise and make changes. Logins are accessible across devices, making the login experience seamless.

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