Is Your WordPress Site Secure?

Is Your WordPress Site Secure?

Whenever you use an online website building platform, you need to make sure it has the highest possible security standards so your information (and that of your customers) is not put at risk. While WordPress has been one of the most popular platforms for web developers for years, it also has a long history of security issues.

There are a variety of plugins you can add to a WordPress site to help boost its security levels, but in general you are better served by one of the two other main development platforms currently available. At, we recommend the following:

Sitefinity (

The main reason Sitefinity is better than WordPress in terms of security is that many of the WordPress plugins and themes are so far outdated and damaged that they could actually be harmful to your website performance and security. Additionally, there are so many upgrades needed to plugins and WordPress itself that falling behind could pose a major security risk. Sitefinity manages to avoid many of these same issues.

Outside of the realm of security, Sitefinity is widely known for being more developer-friendly and customizable, while grading out much better in terms of the kind of customer support it offers. Sitefinity also integrates better with Windows-based servers and at least matches the usability that WordPress is known for.

Composite (

If you are a Microsoft fan, you’ll love Composite, which allows for easy integration with all of the latest Microsoft technology in both free open source and fully licensed forms. Like Sitefinity, it was created with professional developers in mind, giving it a great deal of customization options. Because of its easy integration with Microsoft tools, you can apply a variety of security tools you already know and use regularly for greater protection.

These are the chosen tools for our developers at For more information about either of these or to learn how our team ensures the highest standards of security for your business’s website, contact us today and we will be happy to speak with you.